PLAN Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

This privacy policy governs the way we, the PLAN Development Team at Wonder Architecture & Construction Co., Ltd (“PLAN”), use and protect your personal data that you provide to us, or the data obtained or generated by us, in connection with the use of our cloud services (“Services”).

2. What personal data we use

2.1. Basic account data

You provide your mobile phone number, email address, and basic account data (which may include your name, photo, and other background information) to create a PLAN account.

The display name is chosen by you in order to help your contacts and others to contact you and recognize who you are. Your photo and username (if chosen) on the PLAN is always public.

Your display name doesn’t have to be your real name. But keep in mind that users who save your name in their contacts will see you by the name they saved, not the name on your screen.

2.2. Your message

We ONLY store messages, photos, videos and documents on our servers so you can access your data from any of your devices at any time. Your data are secured and not not accessible by any third-parties for commercial or advertising purposes.

It is not advisable to have contact information in the content of your message due to breach of privacy.

2.3. Phone number, Email address and Contacts

PLAN uses your phone number and/or email address information to identify you or authenticate your actions.

If you want other users to see your phone number or email address, you can enable the ‘Privacy’ section option to ‘Share your information’ in your Account Settings.

2.4. PLAN ads, cookies & tracking

When you visit the App and/or our Website, we and our business partners may use cookies and other tracking technologies to make your experience simpler and faster. PLAN does not intend to use cookies and/or tracking technologies on your privacy. You can choose to block cookies with your web browser or other tools. However, it is not advisable since we could not provide you a fully-functioning service.

2.5. Third-party websites and apps

PLAN may contain links to other third-party websites or you may access Apps from a third-party site. We are not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of these third-party sites

2.6. B2B partners data

When you communicate with us for business purposes as a B2B partner, we will save your contact data provided by you (phone number, email, address etc.), as well as any correspondence we have had. We use trusted third party processors to keep such data, all in accordance with the provisions of this privacy policy.

3. Keep your personal data safe

3.1. Data storage

The PLAN stores your data in a cloud service provided by a third party, where the PLAN leases a designated space. However, the servers and networks located within these data centers and on which your personal data are stored are under the control of the PLAN.

3.2. Storage time

Except as otherwise provided in this Privacy Policy, the personal data you provide to us will only be stored for as long as is necessary for us to perform our obligations to the provision of the Service.

4. Personal data processing

4.1. Our services

We will process your data to deliver your cloud chat history, including messages and files, to any of your devices logged into the PLAN.

4.2. Safety and security

PLAN supports a safe cyber community. To improve the security of your account, and to prevent spam, abuse and other violations of our Terms of Service, we may or may not collect metadata such as IP address, PLAN devices and applications you have used. However, this data are secured and not accessible by third parties.

4.3. Spam and Abuse

We use automated algorithms to analyze messages in cloud chats to prevent spam and phishing.

If other users report that you have violated PLAN ‘s Terms of Service, our moderators may check the content you have submitted. If a spam report on your messages are confirmed, your account may be restricted temporarily or permanently. In the case of more serious violations, your account may be banned.

4.4. Ability to work on multiple devices

We may also store some aggregated metadata to make PLAN features work across all your devices.

5. Subjects for sharing personal data

5.1. Other PLAN Users

Other users of our Services with whom you choose to communicate and share certain information. Note that by choosing to communicate with other users of the PLAN, you are instructing us to transfer your personal data, on your behalf, to those users in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

5.2. Relevant divisions and companies

We may share your personal data with: The PLAN Development Team at Wonder Architecture & Construction Co., Ltd., based in Vietnam;

5.3. Law enforcement agency

If the PLAN receives a court order confirming you as a terrorist suspect, we may disclose your IP address and phone number to the relevant authorities.

6. Your rights to the personal data you provide to us

6.1. Your rights

Under certain circumstances, you have rights regarding your personal data. You have the right to: (1) request a copy of all your personal data that we store and transmit that copy to another data controller; (2) delete (see section 7 below) your personal data; and (3) complain to national data protection authorities about our processing of your personal data contrary to what we have stated.

6.2. Exercitation of your rights

If you wish to exercise any of these rights, please contact us using the details in section 9 below.

6.3. Data settings

You can control how your data is used (for example, sharing your information) in your Account Settings.

If you do not agree to the requirements of the PLAN, we will not be able to provide you with our Services. You can delete your PLAN account (see section 7).

7. Data deletion

7.1. Account

If you want to delete your account, you can do so on the Account Settings page. Erasing your account will delete your account information. This action must be confirmed via your PLAN account and cannot be undone.

7.2. Message

In the chat, you can choose to delete the message for all participants within a period of no more than 1 hour from the time you send the message. If the message has passed the delete able period, you will no longer be able to delete it.

7.3. Account self-destruction

By default, if you stop using your PLAN and go offline for at least 6 months, your account will be deleted.

8. Changes to this Privacy Policy

We will review and may update this Privacy Policy from time to time. Any changes to this Privacy Policy will become effective when we post the revised Privacy Policy. Please check our website regularly for any updates or changes to our Privacy Policy. Any time you find that our Privacy Policy is no longer relevant to you, you can Delete your account and remove the PLAN app from your devices.

9. Questions and inquiries

If you have any questions about our privacy and data policy, please contact us by email: